Online course on the popular
Autodesk Revit program
Learn from scratch to a cool result with the issuance of an international Autodesk certificate
The course is divided into modules with video lectures explaining each of them.

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6 modules
1490 rubles
Any time
The cost of a monthly installment payment for 12 months.
You can take the course at any time convenient for you, and the lectures will remain with you.
Training takes place online at a convenient time for you.
Who will benefit from this course?
For beginners
The course will help you master a popular profession, learn how to interact with the necessary tools for further work in architectural companies.
Current architects
The course will help you learn new tricks and life hacks that will allow you to work in the program 10 times faster than usual
For managers
The course will help you speed up your work in the bureau, knowing all the necessary tools for fast and high-quality design with the submission of your project
What you will learn on the course
Learn the basics of the program's interface
Learn how to work in conjunction with SketchUp
Create your own complex elements and components
Create an explosion diagram
Learn how to work with reliefs
Create your own furniture families
Work in conjunction with AutoCAD and 3Ds Max
Create an architectural feed using Photoshop
Course program
The program is designed for self-study at a convenient time for you. You will be contacted by mentors and a certified teacher to review the task and send feedback, and a general course chat will be available.
Ksenia Matveeva
Certified teacher of Autodesk Revit
Student of the Moscow Architectural Institute (Department of Architecture of Public Buildings). Architect at the ATRIUM architectural studio. She has participated in many architectural competitions and workshops. She conducted architectural master classes at the Stroganov Academy.
More than 4 years of experience in architectural programs such as Autodesk Revit, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Indesign
Stages of training on the course
Start. You choose any module or the entire course of study with a teacher and choose the topic of your thesis
Independent training. You complete modules and learn the material yourself
Communication and feedback. Participate in the discussion of assignments and consult with the teacher
Protection of the module and / or diploma and certificate. You defend your thesis and receive a certificate of completion of the course and an international Autodesk certificate
25000 rubles
* First payment for the next month after the start of training
Course fees
Course fees
2080 rubles. *
When paying in installments for 12 months

When paying for the entire course at once
Final works
We provide the tools and opportunity to create individual works for each graduate under the strict supervision and feedback from our mentors and teachers
Feedback from our graduates
  • Student of GUZ
    Many thanks to the teachers 🤍 You can learn a lot from the course . It warms me to think that I can now create cool projects at the university🤍 Teachers explain everything clearly , explain even the simplest thing to you ( even if you ask 5 times), tell you about different chips . There was a serious and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom at the same time . It was very important for me . Thank you 🤍
  • Student of the National Research University MGSU (MGSU-MISI)
    Thank you for the Revit course! In a short time, I got acquainted with the program and was able to create my first model of a residential building. This is one of my first experiences working in computer graphics - it's very exciting. Ksenia is very responsive, kind as a person and thoughtful, attentive and experienced as a teacher. I would like to delve further into the program, improve my skills, but in the meantime, I can definitely shine with my acquired skills in student projects.
  • RUDN University student
    I want to express my gratitude to the entire META team for their hard work, for finding a way out of this difficult situation, and we were able to safely complete the course on revit and 3d max! Thank you for the patience of our lovely teachers, Lisa and Ksenia, for their reverent attitude to students, for explaining everything 100 times ahah helped us to understand technical problems as well) even in this online format!
    now, with the help of the acquired knowledge, I will be able to make cool projects, then only more!!! Thank you very much! both happy and sad to say goodbye to you
  • Graduated from MGAVT in 2006
    I am very happy with the training and the result obtained. Thank you very much to your team for interesting lessons and such a presentation. I really liked the availability of ratings, deadlines, and teamwork. After all, in our profession, being creative and creative is not everything, any project has a budget and deadlines, and this is important to never forget, otherwise it is very easy to lose an order and be left with nothing. also, any project is implemented in a team, in a working group, where strong and ambitious specialists should be able to work with young and inexperienced, and often even with complex people, while all this should not be harmful to the implementation of the main task - to bring the project to life and make a profit from the contract. the team is very important. your team is great, and most importantly, you are bright and open people who are a pleasure to work with side by side. thank you!
Choose your own convenient training format
We have created the most convenient training conditions and formats
Complete training
  • The entire course of study
  • Checking exercises and individual work
  • Feedback from mentors and teachers for 3 months
  • Shared Student Chat
  • Motivational support from a Mentor
  • Points and rewards
  • International Autodesk Certificate
  • It is suitable for those who want to create their own project from scratch together with an Autodesk certified teacher

25000 rubles / course
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VIP training
  • In the "Complete Training" package
  • Private chat with the teacher. Communication via ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to the course platform
  • State-issued certificate of advanced training
  • Suitable for those who want to personally communicate with an Autodesk certified ZOOM teacher
49900 rubles / course
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Our graduates
We trained students from different countries and cities, core students from Moscow and the regions, as well as employees of architectural bureaus
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